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ODARA (Ontario Domestic Assault Risk Assessment)

These questions are used to assess the risk that the domestic abuser will re-offend.


Please answer the following questions based solely on the last incident. 

Score each item 1 or 0 or ? if data is missing (available documentation indicates that an item might be present but the information is unclear or incomplete) 

______ 1. Prior domestic assault (against a partner or the children) in police records       

______2. Prior nondomestic assault (against any person other than a partner or the children) in police records 

______3. Prior sentence for a term of 30 days or more 

______4. Prior failure on conditional release including bail, parole, probation, no-contact order 

______5. Threat to harm or kill anyone during index incident 

______6. Confinement of victim during index incident 

______7. Victim fears (is concerned about) future assault 

______8. More than one child altogether 

______9. Victim has a biological child from a previous partner 

______10. Violence against others (to any person other than a partner or the children) 

______11. More than one indicator of substance abuse problem: alcohol at index, drugs at index, prior drugs or alcohol, increased drugs or alcohol, more angry or violent, prior offence, alcohol problem, drug problem 

______12. Assault on the victim when she was pregnant 

______13. Victim faces at least one barrier to support: children, no phone, no access to transportation, geographical isolation, alcohol/drug consumption or problem