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The Power Reassurance Rapist

The power reassurance type of rapist accounts for about 81% of rapists. 

   This type of rapist is the least violent. This is known as the “gentleman” rapist. He will pick a victim or “date” to fall in love with - if only temporary. He is inept and suffers from a very low self-esteem. His psychosocial background will usually include a single parent home, a 10th grade educational level, and a menial job. He’s quiet, passive, usually lives with an aggressive, controlling mother or alone; has no friends and no girlfriend.

     He is a loner and considers himself a loser. He often spends time in adult bookstores, can be your local peeping Tom, or a transvestite. His first crime will usually be within walking distance of work or home. He’ll stalk his victims, watch them through their windows, then enter through those windows at a later time. He will usually attack in the victim’s home when she is alone or with a small child.

Strange as it may seem, rapists are also divided into “selfish” and “unselfish” groups. The power reassurance rapist is considered to be verbally and sexually  “unselfish”. He’s not out to hurt the victim. He fantasizes that the victim is his lover and they are on a date. He will usually pick someone from his own age group.

     He believes that she is enjoying the rape. He may be courteous, polite and soft spoken, often talking to his victim trying, in his view, to be considerate. He generally attacks at 7-15 day intervals and will usually walk to the scene. He may display a weapon just to get cooperation from the victim but his intention is not to hurt her. This is not to say he can’t become violent, but he usually doesn’t.

    He most often assaults the victim only vaginally and can be impotent. He rarely uses profanity but may want his victim to “talk dirty” to him. He may ask the victim to remove her clothes but may only reveal the body parts necessary for the rape to occur. He’s the only one of the four types who will re-assault a victim. He may say, ” I’ll call you,” after the “date” is finished.

     He may call a victim later to ask about her health. He likes to collect souvenirs and may keep a diary. There may be genital injuries but often not.

    This is the easiest offender to deal with. His motive is about trying to increase his self esteem through the control of another person. You can usually try talking him out of the rape, flat out refuse, or fight back. He really doesn’t want to hurt the victim and will use only enough force to control her.

     If he attacks and then promises to return, have the police waiting - because he often will. His time for attacks are between midnight and 5:00am, so it’s good to be pro-active and keep the windows and doors locked. Security alarms are good. A dog doesn’t hurt either. For those students on or off campus, during a holiday break, try to leave with the other students. Female students left alone are prime targets.